Foraging Walk and Picnic at Girley Bog



Food blogger Nicky McDonnell has written a wonderful piece here on my Girley Bog Foraging Walk, so am re-posting it, as I couldn’t write a better description myself! Been meaning to have a guest blogger on so here goes my first “Reblog” 😉

One Life Adventure

On one of the few sunny days we have enjoyed this Summer, I found myself at the start of Girley Bog looped walk. Girley Bog is on my doorstep and in a clear example of what is beside you I have to admit I’ve never been on the walk before. We met Kate from Meath Eco Tours at the car park and in true Irish fashion we had to figure out the seed, breed and generation of our respective families. It was a clever ice breaker in the wonderful morning sunshine.

When the whole gang had assembled, 16 in total, Kate explained a bit of the history of the Girley area. As she had just submitted her thesis, based on the history and ecology of Girley Bog just 2 days previous, the information and knowledge was abundant and clear. Her passion for outdoors and sustainable living is very strong and…

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